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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process for Taper Roller

Cold Forging
  • Favorable crystal grain flow increases toughness.
  • Near net shape Rollers.
  • Removes sharp edges and surface scale.
  • Free from dust and sludge.
Heat treatment
  • Increases the strength and resistance to wear.
  • Removes the internal stresses.
Shot blasting
  • Provides a consistent and uniform surface.
  • Free from dust, sludge and heat-treatment scale.
Outer diameter rough grinding
  • Reaches close to final dimension and tolerance.
  • Becomes easy to achieve final tolerance.
Large end face grinding
  • Generates the perfect large end face radius and roughness.
  • Achieves the final tolerance.
Outer diameter finish grinding
  • Extremely high dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy.
  • Low waviness and surface roughness as well as excellent friction properties of the ground surface.
Outer diameter super finishing
  • Improves roughness, roundness and the load bearing capacity as well as reduces running noise.
  • Visual and dimensionally checking to assure defect free Rollers.
  • Rollers are packed in pelletize carton boxes after rust preventive oiling.
  • Packing is also done as per customer requirement.
  • Transportation as per customer requirement with proper care of goods.

Taper Roller Finish Drawing

Inspection parameters of every process stage for taper roller

Process Description Parameter Inspection
Raw Material Chemical composition - Hardness
Metallurgical Structure - Diameter
Surface Quality - Decarburization
Non metallic inclusions
Cold Forging Big OD - Middle OD - Small OD
Length - Taper on OD - Small end face Taper
Face runout - Radius runout - Dimple concentricity
Dimple depth - dimple diameter - corner radius
Corner radius distance - crack test - visual
Tumbling Big OD - Middle OD - Small OD
Length - visual
Heat Treatment Carbide network
Tempered hardness and structure
Decarburization - Visual
Shot Blasting Cleanliness - Visual
Outer diameter rough grinding Diameter - Ovality(2 point) - Roundness
Taper - visual
Large end face grinding Length - Face runout - Face radius(R)
dimple depth - Dimple diameter - Face roughness
Surface quality - Visual
Outer Diameter finish grinding Diameter - Taper - Ovality(2 point)
Roundness - Roughness - surface quality
Outer diameter super finishing Diameter - Taper - Roundness
Roughness - surface quality - visual
Inspection Dimensionally and Visual
Packing Quantity - Standard of Packing
Shipment Proper shipment care

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